The Eshoes Story

Eshoes was created to bring unique and diverse shoes to people seeking something different to whats on offer in traditional UK shoe shops. 


We noticed over the years that the high street had become saturated in bland and basic footwear, with each shoe shop looking the same. 


At a time where individuality is being embraced all over the world, it was quite shocking that shoe shops seemed to be far behind the times. 


Based in Colne Lancashire eshoes was born with one pair of shoes in 2009. We spent years growing from that one pair until it reached the stage that we needed somewhere to put all the fabulous-ness we had accumulated! As a result we found a cute little shop to bring epic shoes to the local area in North West England.


Word soon got round, and we found our tiny shop unable to cope with the demand as people flocked to us to fulfill their shoe dreams! 


In 2016 we made the move to a larger store in the beautiful town of Skipton, the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales and are now able to offer even more amazing designs.


Our goal is to offer the best possible customer service while offering new styles every week, so there's always something for every shoe addict at Eshoes!